Design and Construction Update

Today the Design and Construction team resumed work on the circuit and code to fix the problems from our last meeting, which were possible loose connections or problems with the potentiometer.

Our first idea was to try the circuit and code from the Arduino Guitar Tuner instructable instead to see if it worked. Unfortunately, it also did not work and we could not figure out why. We did not get any frequency output to the serial monitor. So we switched back to the original code and circuit we were using from the Frequency Detection instructable.

After rewiring the circuit and changing the code back to what we had originally, we were faced with the same issues from the last meeting. We assumed that there was a problem with the potentiometer so we switched it out for a 4.7 kohm resistor and it did not work either.

We switched the resistor out and placed the potentiometer back in and decided to use the Analog Discovery and Waveforms software to see what our input signal is. Unsurprisingly, we discovered that we were not getting an input signal. We tried switching out the microphone for an aux cord connected to the computer, but that did not work either.

We were not able to fix this problem yet, but at least we now have a better understanding of what our problem actually is. Now that we know that we are unable to get a signal from the microphone, we know what we need to work on. Once we fix this issue, the circuit should work.

Abby and Isaac met while we worked on the circuit and came up with a design for the online presentation to explain the theory behind this project.


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